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"Plant your own forest."

Trees are a highly developed plant. There are more trees on the planet than stars in the milky way. They are the biggest organism thriving on our planet. The history of trees goes back 350 million years and they are an important part of oxygen supply. We depend on them for clean air and for building and for making our environment beautiful.

"The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago.
The second best time is now." Chinese proverb

It takes a little time and attention before your first seeds turn into little trees.

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It's best to make certain your tree seed is planted below the surface of the wet coconut fibers. Some seeds only need a couple of weeks to show signs of life while other seeds can take a couple of months. Make sure the coconut coirs stay moist. We will show you on the links below.

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Important Information for getting started.


Soaking the seeds before planting them can quicken germination. Soak the seeds in clean water - or rain water - for 24 hours at room temperature. To assure there is enough oxygen for the seeds, change the water after 12 hours. After soaking the seeds, put them in the well soaked coconut coir pellets or continue with the cold/wet procedure.


To deal with possible seed specific germicide, a cold/wet treatment is advisable. Many tree seeds are exposed to low temperatures in winter. Some seeds need below freezing temperature to initiate germination. To simulate this, put you seeds in the fridge for a few days. This can also speed up germination.

Prior Treatment Without a Medium

After the seeds are soaked, let them drip dry and put them in a plastic bag. Spread them out flat in the bag and store them in the fridge. Turn the bag over often to avoid the underside of the seeds drying out. If fungus or mould develops on the seeds, wash them under running water then put them back in the fridge. For seeds with a long germination period, air out the bag often and make certain the seeds stay moist.

Prior Treatment With a Medium

Using a medium, for example clean sand, or sand with moss or coconut coir, can help supply the seeds with water and oxygen. The moist mixture with the seeds are kept in the fridge. The mix can be covered loosely with cellophane.

(Source: Initiative Baum)
translated by Stephen

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