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our story

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What's our story.

Just about exactly fifty years ago, my sister and I each planted a seed. We took care to make certain they had water but other than that we mostly just took pride in our little trees.

A few years later our family moved to another part of the city. Along with all our toys and bicyles and everything else that was in the house, we packed up our trees. They were still quite small so we needed dig but small holes to get them out of the garden and carry them to the family car. We each chose a spot in our new home for our trees. My sister planted her little tree at the back of the yard and I planted my little tree at the side of the yard across from the back door. Both trees took well to their new homes and grew to be big and strong. As a teenager I often climbed my tree and sat and watched the comings and goings. Usually I went undetected in my tree. We have all moved since then. Sometimes I think about my tree and wonder how it is doing.

Most of us have some personal memories of trees, hiking and camping in the woods. Sitting under one on a summer day. Taking personal care of a tree is both good for the chances of a tree surviving into old age and for the person that has helped it get its start. Take pride in a tree or two. It will do both of you good.